YOU HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT DOG.Brussels griffons are the perfect dog.Charming ,smart ,easy to train ,easy to groom and even easier to love. SMALL..SMART..STURDY..SENSITIVE..SOCIAL..THE FACE OF A MONKEY ,THE HEART OF AN ANGEL [ALL GODS ANGELS COME IN DISQUISES SOME AS BRUSSEL GRIFFONS] Can you tell I love these dogs? We have been breeding for 24 years during this time I HAVE GROWN TO THINK OF THEM AS FAMILY....GRIFFS ARE ALWAYS FAMILY MEMBERS NEVER LESS..All our dogs are treated with respect and love and always quality care given...pups are handled daily and raised in our home..they leave started on clicker and paper training...up to date on all vet care..Our griffs are placed only with people that know how special they are
and are willing to continue their pampered lives. Enjoy your visit with us and we hope you leave this site with a new love for a wonderful breed.

Brussels Griffons are teemings with personality. It is not surprising that it makes lasing friends wherever it is known. Griffons are one of the most distinctive and  unusual of all dogs. Classified as a toy, Griffs are good-natured and promises to remain the delightful little Belgian Street Urchan.
The Affenpinscher and the Belgian Street Dog were the true foundation from which Griffons came. Added were the Pug, the Yorkie, and the Ruby Spanial (some say the Irish Terrier). Griffons are obedient and easily managed. Training should always be started at a very early age. As a young puppy, Griffons must be given the same intelligent care necessary for a pup of any of the smaller breeds. Griffons become very sturdy as they mature. They develop into a real friend capable of holding it's own on hikes and in swimming.
APPEARANCE: Intelligent, alert, sturdy, with a thick, short body and an almost human expression. There are two types of coats; rough and smooth. Except for coat, there is no differance between the two.
SIZE: Usually 8-10 pounds and sould not exceed 12 pounds. Should be square, thick set, compact, with good balance.
HEAD: The most important feature. An almost human expression. Eyes, very large, black, and well open. They eyelashes, long and black.
EARS: Small and high on the head.
SKULL: Large and round.
NOSE: Very black, extremely short, set deeply between the eyes.
COAT: Is wirey and dense.
COLOR: Red, beige (black and reddish-brown mixed), black and tan, black with uniform reddish-brown markings, under the chin, on the legs, above each eye, around the edge of the ear. Black, solid black (no white hairs).
TEMPERMENT: Intellegent, alert, and sensitive. Very self-important.
        grooming requirments
grooming demand ..moderate
grooming interval.....6-8 weeks
         grooming tips
the coat is wiry and dense rough coat..for show it should be hand stripped..kind of like plucking the outer hairs to shape the dogs coat.the head is round and done close to the head..the beard is round from the corner of it eyes.eyebrows and beard stand out and frame the face.the hair on the ears is kept short and trimed even with the ear leather.a ph-alkaline balanced shampoo helps maintain a healthy coat on this breed. you do not want to soften the coat with product.
  There are two coats in this breed a smooth and the rough.The smooth coat like any smooth coated breed has a seasonal shed.The shed lasts maybe two weeks and is encouraged with warm baths and a good brushing.The rough coat does not have a seasonal shed Each hair grows to about 3-4 inches and then dies and a new hair grows in it place.But the hair does not come out all at once.regular grooming and daily brushing keep the hair off the furniture and the floor.this coat needs to re shaped about 4 times a have the body hair and beard and legs trimed.

Is the griff easy to train?  If you mean house training ..this is really up to the person that is taking a pup into their home  most of the house training problems are people problems rather than dog must be consistant and learn your part of this adventure,before you purchase a pup of any kind you need an expen and a crate..IF YOU HAVE CARPETING OR EXPENSIVE RUGS..IT WOULD BE FOOLISH TO ALLOW A PUP ACCESS TO AN AREA WHERE A PIDDLE WOULD BREAK YOUR HEART.
If you are referring to obedience training ,the answer is yes.The training method should suit the temperament of this will not respond to rough handling or hitting or shouting..Training methods that use praise clickers,treats and patience work best,
I feel any pup is helped by a  training class....this is good for new owners and pups long as all shots are finished.

               what about spaying/neutering?
            MALE OR FEMALE?
a true velcro dog.
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A puppy can be a commitment for 10 years or more.
Puppies will cost money each year for health checkups, food, toys, supplies, grooming needs, license fees and possible emergencies.
Puppies need room to be housed properly and a place to be exercised.
Puppies need time, attention and training; they may need two to three hours per day of their owners' time to get a well established routine in place.
Puppies can test your patience and cause trouble, just like a child.
Puppies, like children or adults, will be lonely if left alone too long and may cause trouble if they don't have some attention throughout the day.
Male and female puppies may have different characteristics; be sure to read about the breed you are considering.
Some breeds are better suited for harsher climates than others. Consider your environment before bringing a puppy home.
Puppies can be a major emotional commitment and sometimes and inconvenience. Be prepared for interruptions to work with the new family member. Also, talk to your family about how the puppy will be raised. What will the rules be? Who will feed and take care of the puppy? Clarify in advance these issues so the puppy can be a welcome addition to the family.           from puppydogweb

we will be happy to deliver pups with in one hundred miles for a small fee..